Did you know presenteeism accounts for 90% of employee lost productivity, with only 10% being due to absence?

On average, for every £1 spent on supporting their people’s mental health, employers get £5 back on their investment.

Did you know that mental health related presenteeism costs employers 3 times the cost of mental health related absence, and is on the increase?

Presenteeism* accounts for 90% of employee lost productivity, with only 10% being due to absence?

*Presenteeism is defined as attending work whilst ill and working at reduced productivity

So, what can your organisation do to change this trend?

Come Alive UK has been created to provide solutions to this growing problem, delivering the following results:

Summary of Company

Come Alive UK is a company that has at its heart, a passion for creating workplaces where staff are supported with their mental and emotional wellbeing. That passion, means we are experts in creating bespoke models of support that ensure your staff can access mental health first aid support, when they need it most. 

We firmly believe that First Aid for Mental Health training is a fantastic starting point and it is exactly that, a starting point. To ensure that your company maximises the return of that crucial investment, we have created a package of support that ensures that mental health support is firmly established within your company and to its staff. 

Benefits of Package of Support:

To achieve this, we have created a 4-stage solution:

Mental Health in Businesses

First Aid for Mental Health Training



  • Communication – best means and methods to ensure all colleagues are aware of the support available to them within and outside of the organisation.
  • Policies & Procedures – put in to action with a people centric approach. Not just a ‘tick box’ exercise.
  • Practical – some positive changes can be made now! Sometimes the simplest changes have the biggest impact.
  • Cultural – Change which is transformational and sustainable for the benefit of employees and the organisation.

Ongoing Support

  • Mental Health First Aid Coaching Groups
    • Groups meet virtually on a monthly basis for 1.5 hours – reducing time and expense associated with travel
    • Allows ongoing access to professional support and guidance in delivering MHFA interventions – ensures quality and effectiveness is maintained
    • Access to a confidential online forum for their group, providing ongoing peer support 24/7
  • Toolkit with self-help strategies and resources for individuals to use
  • Extending knowledge through additional continuous professional development resources

4. First Aid for Mental Health Recertification

So, how did Come Alive UK, ‘come alive’?

We know that these are extraordinary times that we are currently living in. We have created a guide for managing staff wellbeing during COVID-19 and beyond, which covers:

  • Why its important to support your staff’s mental wellbeing
  • Causes and signs of workplace stress
  • How to support your staff’s mental wellbeing, with some practical tips

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