Did you know presenteeism accounts for 90% of employee lost productivity, with only 10% being due to absence?

On average, for every £1 spent on supporting their people’s mental health, employers get £5 back on their investment.

Our 4-stage solution:

Mental Health in Businesses

Ongoing Support

56% of employees have experienced both work and non-work-related poor mental health symptoms in the past year (Mental Health at Work Report 2019) with 30% of the UK workforce having been formally diagnosed with a mental health condition at some point in their lifetime.  Supporting Mental Health First Aider’s to provide safe and effective Mental Health interventions, not only is beneficial for the members of staff who receive the support, it also ensures that the investment in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training is maximised.

Come Alive UK has a passion for supporting mental health and wellbeing and was created as a result of that passion and lived experience of mental health. We have created a series of offerings which provide support to companies and organisations to reduce the impact of poor mental health on staff within the workplace.  Central to these offerings are our Mental Health First Aid Coaching Groups.

Mental Health Coaching Groups

First Aid for Mental Health coaching groups are for those people who have already undertaken a First Aid for Mental Health training course (from any provider), are responsible for well-being within their workplace or are managing a Mental Health First Aider.  The Groups provide ongoing support from highly experienced and qualified Mental Health First Aiders.

In-House MHFA Coaching Groups

We also provide in house First Aid for Mental Health coaching groups for those organisations who have a number of Mental Health First Aiders to support.  The support would be offered in the same way as the coaching groups above, but would comprise of only members from your company or organisation.  Please contact us to discuss.

1:1 First Aid for Mental Health Coaching

We can also provide 1:1 First Aid for Mental Health coaching for those who would prefer to have exclusive access to Catriona or Scott as coaches.

Key features:

  • Monthly or Bi-monthly exclusive 1:1 online meetings using Zoom for an hour
  • Meetings arranged to suit only your schedule
  • Focus only on your practice and skills development
  • Direct email access to either Scott or Catriona for questions or ongoing support

Benefits of First Aid for Mental Health Coaching

  • Maintains and extends First Aid for Mental Health skills and knowledge
  • Ensures staff are receiving safe and effective First Aid for Mental Health interventions and are being effectively supported
  • Maximises the investment of First Aid for Mental Health training – supporting the reduction in absence rates and maximising productivity of the workforce
  • Protects and maintains the mental health and wellbeing of Mental Health First Aiders

Group Coaching Support for Managers

As part of our offering within ongoing support, we also provide group coaching for managers and senior leaders.  Each group is a closed group once established.

Key features:

  • Small Groups with a maximum of 5-6 people within each Group for the 6-month period
  • Mixture of staff from different organisations/companies within each group to protect confidentiality and encourage open and honest discussions
  • Blend of agenda set by Coaches and by group members themselves
  • Online Forum available 24/7 7 days a week with easy and confidential access
  • Direct email access to either Scott or Catriona for questions or ongoing support
  • Commitment is for 6 months for monthly Coaching Groups
  • Investment is £1,500

Benefits of Group Coaching

  • Cost effective way to access coaching support
  • Benefit of confidential support from peers as well as coaches
  • Dedicated space to discuss opportunities and challenges that may arise within your work
  • Space to explore maximising your potential and uncovering your best version of you
  • Confidential space to explore your own personal development and wellbeing

Training and Development

In addition to the coaching groups, we can also provide access to additional CPD sessions or learning materials, which build on the knowledge already gained within the First Aid for Mental Health training. Topics could include:

*Bespoke sessions can also be developed to meet identified needs within your organisation or company.


First Aid for Mental Health Training provides colleagues with the skills, knowledge and empowerment to support colleagues suffering with poor mental wellbeing. An enlightening course and qualification, which is a great starting point for improving the wellbeing and culture within any organisation. To build on that and achieve maximum employee and commercial benefits, it is critically important that these learnings are implemented within the workplace.

At Come Alive UK Ltd, we have the perfect blend of business experience and passion for positive mental wellbeing, to ensure that any changes are truly transformational.

We take a four-stage holistic approach to integration, which ensures all aspects are covered and that the cultural change is therefore significant and sustainable. The four elements we cover are Communication, Policies & Procedures, Practical and Cultural.


There is no point having all these great new skills and ideas without making the rest of your organisation aware of it! This is not uncommon for colleagues not to be aware of all of the internal services and benefits available to them. We ensure all existing and new support available to all colleagues is effectively communicated and embedded.

Some examples of what this might include:

Policies & Procedures

Policies are important for any organisation to have in place to ensure there are clear guidelines and expectations for all. However, policies can have a negative impact on culture too, if the policies end up driving behaviours which lead to a policy focused approach rather than a people centric approach. We can provide support to ensure that you have the right policies and procedures in place but also that management have the right training on how to best carry out these tasks & processes.

Some of the areas we can support you with:


Cultural change can take time to implement if done correctly. However, there are some practical changes that organisations can make with immediate effect to improve the employee experience and commercial performance. We work closely with organisations to provide bespoke solutions.

Below are some of the areas this may cover:


To make positive changes to the culture of an organisation and to truly enhance the colleague experience, then it is critical that change is not just surface deep but is right at the heart of the organisation and has the input and buy-in from all colleagues at all levels. Done right, this change will be transformational and sustainable which in turn will not only lead to healthier and happier colleagues, but also see significant commercial gains through lower absence & attrition, better reputation, attracting the best talent, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Some of the areas we will work with you on:

We know that these are extraordinary times that we are currently living in. We have created a guide for managing staff wellbeing during COVID-19 and beyond, which covers:

  • Why its important to support your staff’s mental wellbeing
  • Causes and signs of workplace stress
  • How to support your staff’s mental wellbeing, with some practical tips

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